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First of all we would like to thank you very much for your interest in our company and our range of products. Since 1993 the company MATEX produces upholstery furniture for the European furniture market with actually 700 employees. Our range of products includes beneath upholstery cornergroups/suits also sofa beds and individual furniture for the sectors self-service/take-away, young/conventional living. We are potential as well as in the quality-orientated and price-conscious upholstery fabrication and also in the orientation to all trends of the European furniture trade. In spite of our complex range of products and the equally large collection of fabrics we are well-known among our clients for our flexibility and the commitment to all desires and concerns. We are considered as a fair and reliable partner for the upholstery market.

Thus we have the ability to deliver stock-orientated as well as the possibility to deliver each upholstery item in every possible variation and each cover fabric out of our large fabric collection on commission basis. We permanently work at the expansion of our capacities in order to reduce the delivery time and to be able to react even faster on the needs of our clients. All orders are handled by our qualified English/German-speaking employees and are delivered with our own fleet (30 trucks and 2 drivers per lorry shipping volume 115 m3) directly to our customers.
As to the slogan " It won't work, doesn't exist" the company MATEX tries to be all ears all the time for their customers.
Should we have sparked your interest in the company MATEX we will be pleased to present our complete range of products to you in a personal conversation.

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